The woes of prosperity

The woes of prosperity    (or “ a  few reasons not  to be rich”)
Here's a bit of sarcasm.Got a bit inspired by Eunice D Souza, who was known for her caustic,unsentimental way of writing:

Having some money and being honest about it Has its own set of perils; The world has a magnanimous misconception about your generosity; “Almost-ex"-wives, “ Friends”, Friends’ moms, Neighbours, Cousins.
Suddenly your warring spouse softens up, And stops threatening imminent separation, Happy with the spoils Belted out by an indulgent hubby; Intolerability turns into vacations together. Except that you, wry old coot, Know what is what.

A “ friend” belts out sugary paeans Of closeness and comradeship, No doubt to secure the loan Taken from you while buying his shiny new car Only to forget about it. Another one asks for a loan For a supposed “ emergency” Which you later come to know Was all cock and bull. Thankfully, your dirty suspecting mind Saved you in time.

Your friend’s mom Whines on incessantly About the loan she …

Triple talaq is dead

Triple talaq.A very controversial  topic. The highly questionable practice,under Muslim Personal Law, allowing a man to divorce  his wife by merely repeating the word "Talaq" three times.That's not all. It could be done over phone, SMS or even by postal letter.

Implausible in modern times, but yes, a bitter fact of life for Muslim women, that is till today.

After several decades of wrangling,this issue has been finally laid to rest. Today, the Supreme Court ,in a landmark judgement that was passed by a judiciary panel representing all major faiths of India (probably to nullify the possible chance of religious bias), has decreed Triple talaq invalid and unconstitutional.

For women like Shayara Bano(divorced by postal letter), Zahida(divorced by SMS) and Khadija(divorced on phone), this comes as a moment of retribution. Shayara Bano, divorced unceremoniously in 2015 by her husband when she was visiting her parents' house, was instrumental in challenging the legality befor…

Happy Independence Day

70  years  of Independence. Have we  been able  to  dismiss  our bigotry  and prejudices?  Let's  ask ourselves.
Here's a video that captures the spirit of this vast, beautiful, united country.
"  Some  walls  should  break- so that  some  bonds remain strong."
.Jai Hind. Happy Independence Day. Let's  pray  for  an united  India.

A girl wrapped in Red

A girl wrapped in Red? A  rather large sized present for me ? Kind of !My daughter Aarshi playing with the playhouse tent . She’s a naturally funny one !!!!

La Dolce Vita ( Life is good)


RIP, Father

RIP, Rathindra Nath Bishnu ( 3rd July 1945 - 15th June, 2017).