Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Aarshi's dance programme - encore

I couldn't make it for  Aarshi's  Kathak dance programme at  Kolkata  this  year. But  there  is no doubt my little  baby  has grown up  a lot ! God bless  her !!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Dusk at Kanakapura


It's the time of dusk,
Trees sway in the wind,
Rustling in the breeze ,
In the hues of the setting sun.

Perched on a hillock,
Bright lights illuminating the structure,
A temple loudspeaker blares out
Invocations to Ayyappa.

These are the primordial ridges
Where Parvati might have lent her divine grace,
These hills are where
Many a tale of love and heartbreak would have been played.

A herd of cattle
Make their way back home,
Bells tingling
And animating the silent atmosphere.

What grace is there
Among nature's bountyful trails,
In this crisp, silent air
And the darkening dusk.

I see him standing
On a hillock close to me,
Trident in hand, matted hair,
Eyes closed in contemplation.

In this serene environment of Kanakapura,
I see him,
I see Shiva
Guiding me towards eternity.

(Written at Kanakapura,near Bangalore, 1st Dec,2016)

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Jahanpanah, tusi great ho

Here's my take on demonetisation (( could not fill petrol, could not buy essentials, my friend said he didn't have enough money to go to the public toilet (Rs.10 only)). Sitting at home with grand Rs. 2000/- notes (much like the toy ones we used to play with in childhood) and no means to spend. My colleague asked the cafetaria waiter yesterday to give Chai ( tea ) for Rs.500- must be the most expensive tea ever (Taj Group included).
Surviving on credit. At least I am lucky I did not have a heart attack or tution fees to pay. Others have not been so lucky.
Jai Modiji !! Jahanpanah, tusi great ho, hamara tofaa kabul karo :)

Monday, October 31, 2016

The lights of Diwali

The  lights  of Diwali- signify  the  burning of evil , ignorance, hatred, envy, false  ego  and  darkness,  and  lifting  of  the  human  spirit.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

AAP ki nazaron ne samjhaa

AAP ki nazaron ne samjhaa

( Imaginary dialogues which start with romance between Nawaz Sharief and Arvind Kejriwal )

Nawaz , " AAP ki nazaron ne samjhaa pyaar ke kaabil mujhe,
AAP ki manzil hoon main, meri manzil AAP hai. "

Kejri , " Choop raho re idiot, Modi uncle sun lenge to hum dono ko SHAAP de denge. "

Modi , " Abbe 2 idiots, dono premiko ko peetkar borderpaar BAAP ke pass bhej doonga. "

OP Chautala tau of Haryana from Tihar Jail," Arre Modi, Baap nahi, mere KHAAP ke paas bhej re, peetke ekdum JHAAP kar denge. Waise bhi cross border and inter religion romance hai, not allowed in and around Haryana, land of honour. "

Ending dialogue from Rahulbaba, " Re Tau, tani chup raho . Bhaisaab, Khaap nahi, dono ko Congress Working Committee( CWC) mein mere aur mummy ke under kar do, sara PAAP hi khatam ho jayeega ( kuch pharak nahi painda, CWC bhi ek khaap hi hai) "

End result : Modiji still confused what to do , both lovers still continuing cross border romance and planning to elope. Not for nothing do they say , " Make love, not war " !!

( P. S. This is just in jest and humour; don't get too serious about it. All events are purely imaginary and have no resemblance to real life events . I couldn't resist the impulse to cock a snook! No hard feelings and no offence intended . I remain committed to all strikes...Surgical , Medical or chemical , except for the periodic strikes by Mamata Banerjee).

Copyright © ABishnu2016

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Life is NOT a race

I recently  saw  an ad  for  Aakash  Institure  in Ranchi. Yes, the  very  same  cram classes  which mass produce Engineering  &  Medicine entrance  aspirants  year  after  year. 

It reminded me of  “3 Idiots”, where  students  are  forced  to lead  a rat  race.  And so  I saw  the  movie once again today. The  issue of whether a  guy wants  to be an Engineer  is sealed  by his  overambitious  Dad  at  birth (  “Farhan Quereshi, Engineer”)  Extrapolate  this to  many  Indian parents who insisit  their  chilren become  “Engineersaab” , “Doctor saab”. At times, against  their  wishes  and natural  capabilities. The moot  question  is not  whether Engineering  or medicine  are great  professions ( and  there  are many  good alternatives, no  matter how the elders argue  otherwise) . The question is of extrapolating  parents’ ambitions  onto  childfrens’ lives. The key  word  is”Against  their wishes.”

Similatly, “Virus”is  thje kind of professor  we would  want  to avoid. “Life  is a race.” Kill  or  be killed.  I  have  seen a  fee hyperambitious  teachers ( and  many good ones) in my lifetime.
Farhan was  an example of  a guy who  broke free against  his  parents’wishes. Many  Indian  children are not  so lucky. 

Raju  broke free  from his worrying  the  day he realised  worry and overambition  are barriers  to success. His  mother dominated him  in a different way. It  is  called “sentimental  manipulation.” The  argument  given  is”Oh,but  we  love  you”, not  realizing  that  this  is a  deadly, strangulating, suffocative  love, harmful  for  the  child. “

Rancho was  the sanest  among the  three. He  grew up  with  least expectations  , unprejudiced  by his parents, and  was  the  most  successful  among the three.

“We  know  what’s  best  for  you” parents  say.  I beg to  differ, but  at the risk of heresy, let  me state that  parents  don’t realize that  their childrens’ lives  are very  different from theirs, and so  they  simply cannot  know what’s  best for  the  child after  he or she  has  grown up. There is a  thin line between  guidance and  brainwashing/ pushing, and many ignorant  parents  often don't realize  this.

Need  proof?  Look at  the student  suicide  rate  in India:

It’s  not only about career  choices. Some  parents (  I have  seen a  few) are  disciplinarians  to an extreme. “Left, right, Left” seems  to be  their  motto. A basic  discipline  is required  for  all  of us, but to instill an army barrack  like  atmosphere  kills  the  very  purpose, that is , development of the  children. Call it “interference”.I  will never call it “guidance.”

The  day  my daughter  was  born, I decided  my  prejudices  would not  rub off upon her. She does  Kathak, goes  to the Gym, and  well , is also  good in studies.Let  her grow up  and be  a Kathak  dancer if she  wants  to. Or a  doctor  or engineer if she  wants it  that  way. The  key  word is, She should  be happy.

Be responsible  parents. Give your  children  their  breathing  space.  They  are  not  robots. They  will  find their  wings  without  your  pushing. And  if you  still want  to keep  pushing them, don’t be surprised if they ignore  you  at  at  a later point  in life.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The eagle strikes.. and strikes hard

Decades of withering. Decades of " sochenge, dekhenge." Decades of inaction.
We grew up in an age when the Punjab terrorist problem was taken for granted, the Kashmir problem flared up and the weakness of successive governments became painfully evident.
And then, in later years, terrorist strikes in Delhi, 2008. Mumbai attacks, 2008. Hyderabad blasts, 2013. Sick. Nauseating. All we could do was look in anger, while the usual "protests " by our government in International fora,went on.
I remember standing at the Gateway of India in 2011 and shivering at the audacity of foreign terrorists to cross over and strike at will.
It never abated. Every year, a humiliating strike would take place. Pampore. Gurdaspur. Pathankot. Our soldiers suffered. Our nation suffered. Our image as a self- respecting nation suffered.
Uri was the final flash point. The collective anger of a nation spilled over. And finally, we have a government that walks the talk. These surgical strikes were unthinkable even five years back.
For the first time , I am hearing no dissension amongst the opposition. That itself shows the enormity of this event.
I believe in peace. War brings hardships. But not in peace at the cost of self respect, national integrity and security, and mindless terrorist violence. India has struck terrorists, not the Pakistani army ,and in a carefully controlled operation, avoiding civilian casualties in POK. In any case, POK is illegally occupied territory and not Pakistani territory in my viewpoint. We have a right to ensure security in our backyard. If those retards don't get the subtle message, and go to war, so be it ( my own guess is that they will be too scared to do- India has nothing to lose; Pakistan has nothing to gain in an already morally and financially impoverished nation, and their recent tone shows they are on the backfoot ) . And so, I don't give a damn if there is a war tax or war hardships. It will affect my financials adversely , but I will gladly bear it. There can be no price tag on the self respect of a nation. To quote Benjamin Franklin," “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
A nation that does not respect the blood of its soldiers does not deserve to be called a nation. I am glad we don't belong to that category. Proud to be an Indian.
Thank you ,PM Modiji and the present government You have showed us once again why you are the most effective PM we have had in decades. And a big thumbs up to our armed forces. The entire nation is behind you.
The show has just begun and Pakistan is well on the way to becoming surrounded diplomatically , strategically and militarily. I don't hate Pakistan .You can despise your equals, not your inferiors.I pity them for being a failed state ,and the product of a fatally flawed " two nation" theory.Contrast the unity of Indian political parties on this issue with the bickering between Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharief, and you have the recipe for a failed nation state. And then there is Balochistan and the pathetic track record on minorities. As Ms. Sushma Swaraj correctly pointed out, people staying in glass houses should not throw stones at others'' houses.
Let Pakistan beg for peace now- on India's terms.
Call it "Freedom at Midnight" if you will, because this strike at midnight signals the freedom by the government from decades of reluctance to call a spade a spade.The government has finally signalled that enough is bloody enough.
Jai Hind ! Jai Jawan and Jai Kisan !

I sent this as a letter to the editor of Dawn, Pakistan's largest newspaper. You can send in your inputs too : editor@dawn.com, web@dawn.com, blog@dawn.com. Do your bit for the nation.