The Sound of Music- therapy for body,mind and soul

“All workings of the universe are various harmonic vibrations based on sound;the universe itself is music. Hence sound is the original and most primal of all creative and healing energiesDavid Frawly (renowned Vedic scholar)

 Music to the ears
Music, the language that unites the world! Today we see a lot of people working, driving (or sitting in the car), walking/running, doing yoga/ exercises, studying or even sleeping, and at the same time listening to music. With easy accessibility via youtube and other portals, music has become an integral part of our existence.

                                                                     Universal music
It is now accepted that music is a form of therapy (some hospitals are even employing it therapy, for example Apollo Hospitals and Gleneagles Global Hospital, Chennai) for physical ailments as well as mental.
 Music therapy at Apollo Hospitals
My esteemed ex-colleague, Dr.Jothi Clara, Group Nursing & Quality Director at Gleneagles Glo…

Kuttlush loves to play

Children love to play, at all ages and all times.Aarshi (a.k.a. Kuttlush) is no exception. And so its not surprising that her all- time favourite place is Birla Industrial and Technological Museum (BITM) near her house.
This time, on our recent visit , we did a few new things. Sample these:
A recce of the mock underground coal mine ( I remember this place from my own childhood days)Feeding chocolate bourbon biscuits to the guineapigs, rabbits and pigeons ( Yes, crazy but true !!)Buying an educational science project for her
I have been taking her to this place since she barely reached up to my waist in height, and now..she is a tall young lady reaching up to my midchest! I am amused at the prospect of the day when she will outstrip me in height.

Of course, there were the usual challenging  times associated with a fireball hyperactive kid.  I struggled to explain the intricacies of a coal mine to her with my rather rusty knowledge, but I did it ! She was all ears, but left well before the …

Mental health special bulletin

A bit late for "World Mental Health Day (Oct 10th) " I know (I was out at that time), but here's a tongue in cheek look at the culture of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment. Just as a joke, no offence intended, certainly not meant to demean anyone !!

Date: 17/10/2017 Patient- Mr. XYZ Age- 35 yrs Sex-  As of yet undetermined ( probably male)
Diagnosis and Treatment chart daywise
Day of week Diagnosis for the day Treatment for the day Sunday Psychosis ( DSM IV 293.81) Tab. Lesuride (Levosulpiride) 100mg once daily
Monday Delusional Disorder  (DSM IV 297.1) Tab .Oleanz ( Olanzapine) 10 mg once daily

Aarshi at Chilka

The little girl in a colourful  floral dress, with her wide-brimmed hat, dancing and prancing and having a good time as always.

Aarshi at Chilka Lake, Oct. 2016.The clockwork kid in motion.

The woes of prosperity

The woes of prosperity    (or “ a  few reasons not  to be rich”)
Here's a bit of sarcasm.Got a bit inspired by Eunice D Souza, who was known for her caustic,unsentimental way of writing:

Having some money and being honest about it Has its own set of perils; The world has a magnanimous misconception about your generosity; “Almost-ex"-wives, “ Friends”, Friends’ moms, Neighbours, Cousins.
Suddenly your warring spouse softens up, And stops threatening imminent separation, Happy with the spoils Belted out by an indulgent hubby; Intolerability turns into vacations together. Except that you, wry old coot, Know what is what.

A “ friend” belts out sugary paeans Of closeness and comradeship, No doubt to secure the loan Taken from you while buying his shiny new car Only to forget about it. Another one asks for a loan For a supposed “ emergency” Which you later come to know Was all cock and bull. Thankfully, your dirty suspecting mind Saved you in time.

Your friend’s mom Whines on incessantly About the loan she …