A kid at the park

Aarshi's escapades at Nicco Park, Kolkata , in 2014. She was aged 4 at that time. 

Needless to say, she's an outdoor afficando, and loves Nicco Park. We haven't been here together for 4 years now, but I look forward to taking her here again.

Here's a kid who is a bundle of energy !!

The Spirit-what is it actually


The spirit does not die. Simple statement of Hindu philosophy, the core of the Advaita tradition. Assaid in the Bhagavad Gita, Samkhya Yoga “ Na hanyam, na hanyate ( the spirit does not kill or let kill).”Even while you kill your enemies, your kill their body (and their mind), but never the spirit or soul ( Atman).
Bhagwan Maharishi Ramana defines this spirit as the “ I”, that which is unique to us all, thus has to be perceived by us uniquely. He defines “ I” as the sole phenomenon that drives the world, the Shiva tattva that is present inside us all , and I wholeheartedly agree with him. The Bhagwan would know- it was this “I “phenomenon which helped him to battle cancer undaunted till his death in 1950 . It was the same spirit which allowed my late father to battle lung cancer undaunted till his end . It is the same spirit that allows all of us to face life’s multiple problems everyday.
Without “I”, there can be no “ We.” We start always from ourselves, by strengthening ourselves.Wit…

The Kathua, Unnao and Assam rapes

Unnao and Kathua rapes. Horrific crimes. These rapists- murderers belong to the list of bastards( sorry, i won't call them dogs since dogs are actually much better creatures) who pose in the name of Hinduism. They are actually the bastards, pariah children of our ancient, glorious religion.
We devout Hindus (I don't know whether my fellow Hindus will agree) don't need scum and scoundrels like these who are scattered across our country, who can be seen at some violent so - called "Ram Navami" processions which target minorities. Those are "Asur Navami" processions, not "Ram Navami."
Hinduism doesnt sanction this violence , and I don't care what some so- called " priests" or "mahants" say otherwise.They are also pretenders duping us in the name of religion. Addition to the pariah child list.
A mere teeka and chants of "Jai Shree Ram" doesnt make you a good Hindu. Following Hindu tattva, which provides tolerance f…

Rumi ruminations 1: Know only that which makes the unknown known

"Know only that  Which makes the unknown known Before the sands of  Fleeting life are blown  What you think you 've Grasped is but a void  The bird in hand is that  One which has flown.”

-Maulana Rumi ( R.A.)  Translation by Farrukh Dhondhy.

Which means that, " It is futile to pursue things in their normal form or apparent form, which we will never be able to grasp. We need to find new ways of looking at things.Therefore, before we pass away, we have to find unknown, undiscovered,  probably mystical ways of looking at things."  ( My interpretation)
More about Maulana Rumi at:

Self body therapeutic massage- Abhayangam

We all like to get massages, whether it’s isa body massage or a head massage (not talking of erotic massages here J) Watcha new born child cry from tummy pain ( colic) or leg cramps and the see the relief offered by massage. I saw my daughter at the age of 3 months benefiting from this.

Let’s carry the matter a bit further. Why is massage helpful even in adulthood, not only for health persons but also in diseased states?
Abhayangam is basically stimulation. This is how the website of Kerala Ayurveda ( Abhayangam, the cornerstone of Kerala Massage Therapy: “ This relaxing and refreshing full body massage is a masterpiece of Kerala Ayurveda. It is done with medicated herbal oils by two therapists in a synchronized manner for 45 minutes. The number of strokes and pressure vary with the condition of the individual. This massage is indicated daily to prevent ageing and degeneration. This seven-position therapy will treat the whole body physically, mentall…

The School of Hard Knocks

One can learn quite a  few things  from the School of Hard Knocks, with zero tuition fees other than one’s own sweat and tears. I guess I am still struggling mid-school, with some awesome teachers and a tough curriculum, but hope to graduate Magna Cum Laudae eventually: Pain isn’t bad, it’s actually essential for growth. That old saying about “No pain, no gain” may be clich├ęd, but still truer than you imagine!! Ever seen a young Mom gaze lovingly at her new born  after the pain of labour?Positive attitude is a wonderful thing, but don’t paint everything rosy. If your house gets burgled three times in a row, it’s not as if you are gaining experience getting burgled; you are actually gaining experience getting buggered and that too with your own complicity. So, learn from your mistakes.Learn to say “NO”. Be undiplomatic when required, and especially so in your personal life. Don’t be sugary sweet, be firm, have a say, and don’t be apologetic about it. Sugar or saccharine are fine with te…