Dusk at Kanakapura


It's the time of dusk,
Trees sway in the wind,
Rustling in the breeze ,
In the hues of the setting sun.

Perched on a hillock,
Bright lights illuminating the structure,
A temple loudspeaker blares out
Invocations to Ayyappa.

These are the primordial ridges
Where Parvati might have lent her divine grace,
These hills are where
Many a tale of love and heartbreak would have been played.

A herd of cattle
Make their way back home,
Bells tingling
And animating the silent atmosphere.

What grace is there
Among nature's bountyful trails,
In this crisp, silent air
And the darkening dusk.

I see him standing
On a hillock close to me,
Trident in hand, matted hair,
Eyes closed in contemplation.

In this serene environment of Kanakapura,
I see him,
I see Shiva
Guiding me towards eternity.

(Written at Kanakapura,near Bangalore, 1st Dec,2016)


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