La Dolce Vita ( Life is good)

Aarshi blows  bubbles on the terrace-   Kolkata, Jan 2015

Antics  of Ram Bhakts  on Ram  Navami- Ranchi  Mar 2015

Shubham  with  his  self-help  group ( SHG)-  Ranchi, 2015

Aarshi  the  model, at  Birla  Industrial  & Technological  Museum (BITM) -  Kolkata, 2015

And here's another  model :) posing  cheerfully  for  the camera, Jharkhand  Photography  Expo-  Ranchi, Apr 2017

Ravi the  photographer with  his  friend ( his floral  shirt  is from  his recent  Bangkok  escapade) , Jharkhand  Photography  Expo-  Ranchi, Apr 2017

Man  at work, Park Street, Street  Art from  vegetables - Kolkata,Jan 2015

Dad  and Mom  at  Princep  Ghat- Kolkata, Feb 2015

Some  things  never  change....Mom  is camera-shy as always ; on the  Ganges- Kolkata, 2015

With  Ravi  at  Durga  Puja- Ranchi, Oct  2016

With  my  "Lal  Dulhaniya",  my  most  faithful  girlfriend  till date-  Hundru, July  2016

Dad ( no  more  with  us)  was a  natural  clicker  which fit  in well  with  his  philosophy  of  efficient  documentation ; on the  Ganges-   Kolkata,  Feb 2015

Aarshi  loves  posing -  Nandankanan ( Orissa),  Oct  2016

The  cowboy  and  his  delighful  daughter-  Chilka  Lake, Oct  2016

Skies  over  Bangalore-  On board  Indigo  flight (  Bangalore- Ranchi), Dec  2016

Rupesh with  his son-  Ranchi, Dec  2015

Dad on the  terrace; he  was a  compulsive  follower  of news  and current affairs-  Ranchi, Jan  2017

With  Ravi  and  Paromita-  Getalsud  Dam (near  Ranchi), Aug 2017

Mom  at  restaurant, en route  Jamshedpur to  Ranchi-  Devi  Restauarant, NH 33, Near  Dewri  Mandir, Mar  2017 

“The moving finger writes, 
And having writ, moves on;
Nor all thy Piety or Wit,
Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a word of it."
so said Omar Khayyam.
Life is composed of people , thoughts, emotions, feelings, events - though not always in that order. We see much around us, think, feel, express, act/ ignore (willingly or unwillingly). We fall in love, out of love;  we do sensible things and silly things;  we do beautiful and gross things; we laugh , love, kiss,hate, cry and grumble. Much of us is a reflection of what is around us. We are an inseparable part of this cosmos, this universe. And all the time, all around us, life plays on in its glorious technicolours,  the  moving finger  continuously writing  out  new  scripts, sometimes  at a  feverish  stridor, sometimes  at a languid  pace.

What is gone is  well and  truly gone, as Omar Khayyam writes. The  clock never  turns  back, nor does  the  moving finger  rewrite  or  often even rearrange  the  script. Part- fate, part- intention, part- intervention,  part- divine destiny- that's life for you. Very  often,  it’s  what  we can call , “Luck by  chance.” But , once its gone, whatever good or bad, lovely or ugly, it helps to recollect, reflect, even philosophize. 

Like  William  Wordsworth  wrote in his  iconic  poem “Daffodils”,
“For  oft  when on my couch  I lie,
In vacant  or in pensive  mood,
They  flash upon that  inner  eye,
Which is the  bliss  of solitude,
And then  my heart  with  pleasure  fills,’
And  dances  with  the  daffodils."

That is  why we must  not only mutely experience or endure  . We  must  also express, recollect, reflect, philosophize, opine. My blog " The moving finger writes" attempts to do just that. It takes events, people, personalities, emotions, thoughts and feelings , and attempts to paint them on to the broad canvas called Life. 

Life , despite its bumps , grinds and inconveniences, is still beautiful ( La Dolce  Vita!!) Let's celebrate it.



  1. Life is all about the journey (that needs to be experienced in all its entirety) rather than a destination: is it not, as the common adage goes.

    1. Very true, Pradeep :) As they say, life is a journey, not a destination


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